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There are quite a number of inquiring by people from all over the world in regards to bubble balls fun.

Some companies do not consider this option but there are those that have already embarked on this venture. These parties would include birthday parties, corporate team building events and bachelor parties. Rates for renting these bubble football equipment varies from one region to another. They are also affected by the type of event but at the end of the day, they are always reasonable and will be a big smash and addition at the party!

bubble balls can be tried by anyone who is over six years and one can make it as physical as they wish. It is played by use of an inflatable body bumper otherwise known as a bubble ball which is placed over one’s head and arms. The legs are free to move as they are not inside the bubble balls which means that one can walk,run,,jump or even bounce into other participants. Participants are supposed to follow the rules of the game and are also supervised in order to minimize on injuries that might occur.


In birthday parties, the same effect is experienced. Parties are expected to bring people together and ensure that everyone gets to have as much fun as possible. In these parties, there are people of different age groups, gender and professions. Some may not have met in the past. In such an instance bubble football helps in breaking the ice and making the audience much more at ease with one another. After all the reason why the party is there is to enjoy the moment. Its unique nature cannot be ignored.

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