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We all love to play bubble soccer

Bubble football is a game can make everyone happy. A bubble football is a game which is very safe.


One morning, I passed a park, I find there are many young people playing a game I have never seen before. I asked their leader, he told me that  the game they are playing is called bubble football . So I just stood beside their to watch how they play bubble football .I found this game is very simple. Bubble football is very easy to learn, as long as you want to play, you can learn in a minute. You should know that playing in such a case, those young people are not injured. I am very surprised about this .

Later I found that their equipment to provide them with a protection role. Watching them play bubble football, as a viewer, I am also very happy. Because you really don’t know when they will fall down or rolling on the ground. I cannot believe that several hours have passed. I watched them play bubble football, and I feel the game’s charm deeply. I think that we all love to play bubble soccer together.

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